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Curing Versus Healing: Which One Is The Road To Recovery?

by Leanne J. Sotir, PhD, RNCP

Curing Versus Healing: What Is The Difference?

Have you been suffering from many debilitating symptoms or health issues you just can’t seem to resolve?  If you find that your path of searching for a “cure” or finding a particular medical doctor that can help you, has not been successful, It may be time to change the way you think!

When I became ill with an infected tooth that ravaged my body with bacteria causing devastating symptoms, I spent years looking for a cure and the right medical doctor to help me. I wasted many years searching and didn’t realize until a decade later that It was not successful because I was looking to cure myself instead of heal myself. There is a big difference! Looking just for a cure or a quick fix is like being on a hamster wheel; you go from one thing to the next, trying them over and over again without resolution. There is no one supplement, drug, doctor, herb, or healing modality alone that will ever cure you. The answer to healing is to take a” Whole Health” approach. One of the first things I always suggest to my clients is that they begin to change their way of thinking and then their healing journey can begin.

Curing: looking for one particular thing such as a specific drug, quick fix, supplement, herb, healing modality, medical doctor, or someone other than yourself to eliminate your symptoms or make you well.

Healing: To bring whole again using your determination, strong commitment and all the healing modalities together such as healthy diet, lifestyle changes, herbs, nutritional supplements and proper health education to restore one’s health permanently.


Holistic Nutrition: This is number one because your dietary habits are the most important thing that you can incorporate in your journey to achieve healing and optimal health.  A whole food diet can restore health and a processed food diet can bring upon illness.

Healthy Digestion: Be sure to resolve any digestive issues you may have. If your digestive tract is not optimal and working efficiently, you cannot absorb the necessary nutrients that are needed to heal both emotionally and physically.

Ruling Out Food Intolerances and Sensitivities: An undetected food intolerance or sensitivity can hinder your success to healing. It can negatively affect your digestion, emotional health, and your immune system. Be willing to do your own elimination diet using a food journal. You can start by removing the common foods that cause problems for many people such as gluten/wheat, dairy, and soy. Also take a look at the foods you eat the most, these are often times found to be the most problematic. You may need to be your own detective to figure it out!

Maintaining a Healthy Weight: A healthy weight is different for everyone depending on your height and body frame. The best way to achieve a healthy weight or permanent weight loss is to change the types of foods you eat. A diet rich in whole foods that contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals can help the body balance blood sugar. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day. Avoid calorie restriction diets as these can negatively affect the way your metabolism works.

Herbal Therapy and Nutritional Supplements: These can be a very beneficial part of the healing process when used in conjunction with a healthy diet. Not all supplements are created equal so make sure you choose high quality products to achieve best results.

Detoxification: There are many different ways to detoxify the body and If done properly can be very helpful in healing. Foods, herbs, and specific nutritional supplements can be used. It is important for the body to have all the necessary nutrients it needs for the detoxification pathways of the body to work efficiently, so it is best to consult a trained natural health practitioner who is educated in detoxification, especially if you are suffering with different health issues.

Chemical –Free Living:  Try natural cleaning products in the home. Purify your drinking and shower water. Replace cosmetics and personal hygiene products with natural ones that contain fewer chemicals. Try to purchase organic foods and avoid genetically modified foods (GMO’s) as much as possible. It is always best to eat a whole food diet because this ensures you are not ingesting unnecessary chemicals and food additives.

Changing Negative Lifestyle Habits and Adding Healthy Ones: If you smoke, quit! If you find that you are drinking too many sodas make an effort to cut back and replace them with water.  If you are not exercising try to make a commitment to do it at least 3 times a week. If you have a negative attitude, acknowledge it and try looking at the positives in your life. If you live a stressful life, try different techniques to reduce your stress (see recommendations under the healing emotional health section below).

Trying Different Healing Modalities: Certain modalities such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic or, Reiki, can be a great addition to your healing regimen. Remember everyone is different, what might be helpful for one person may not be helpful for another, so try different healing techniques until you find one that you feel is helping you.

Healing Your Emotional Health: Suffering with physical health challenges can negatively affect your emotional health as well as unresolved emotional pain can contribute to physical problems. To help you through your healing journey both the physical and emotional issues should be addressed. Try healing techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, positive affirmations, visualization, and self-help books. Do whatever it takes to keep positive!

Determination and a Strong Commitment: Healing requires implementing many changes in both your diet as well as your lifestyle. This can be challenging and overwhelming to many people. Once you start reaping the benefits from the changes, it will inspire you to keep going.  Other people can support you and certainly help you along your journey, but you are in charge and the only one responsible for your health and healing.

Read Dr Sotir’s personal story of healing here: http://www.wholehealthandnutrition.com/nutritional-healing.php


*The above health educational information and recommendations should never replace a proper diagnosis or necessary prescription medicines that may be prescribed by your medical doctor.